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Snatch Program - Level 1 - Waxman's Gym

Snatch Program - Level 1

$ 19.00

Individual program is licensed for individual use and delivered as a static PDF with base percentages. 

Group program is licensed for use by multiple athletes in a group and includes unlocked Excel file to input maxes and calculate custom training weights.

Designed for anyone with some snatch experience who wants to improve their snatch. The program combines both strength and technique work.

Level 1 and Level 2 include lots of partial lifts and accessory exercises in addition to the full snatch. These are designed to target and improve the most common deficiencies in the snatch:

  • Level 1: overhead strength/stability and coordination of the arms
  • Level 2: strength off the floor and speed in the transition/change-of-direction
Level 3 reduces the partial/accessory volume and puts all the pieces together with more frequent emphasis on the full snatch.
Each level contains 6 weeks of training, written as 3 training days/week (with at least 1 recommended day of rest between each). Any level can be performed as a standalone program, or you may work your way through all 3 levels, in order, for the greatest training effect.

The training may be performed as a standalone program or in combination with other training like Crossfit. If you're performing in conjunction with other training, we recommend you stay as fresh as possible for each day of the snatch program.

To get most out of the program, we recommend you:

  • BE CAUTIOUS about performing any additional intense training while on the program(s)
  • CONSIDER making off-days full rest/recovery days
  • DON'T do things on your off days that may reduce your speed on training days
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