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Overhead Strength Program - Waxman's Gym

Overhead Strength Program

$ 39.00

Improve your overhead strength and stability with this special eight-week program written by Sean Waxman. 

You'll perform three days/week of training for eight consecutive weeks (last two weeks only two training days each). May be performed on its own or in conjunction with other training.

Exercises you'll perform in this program include:

     • Multiple forms of presses (front, behind neck, push, seated) and grips
     • Overhead squats
     • Clusters (re-rack bar briefly between repetitions)
     • Pauses/Holds
     • Rows
     • Dips

If you'd like to fix overhead weakness and instability, or if you're already strong and stable but want to get even stronger, this program is for you!

Note: No special skill or experience is required. The program can be performed by anyone with access to a barbell. If necessary, dumbbells may also be substituted for many exercises.

Individual program is delivered as a static PDF with base percentages. Group program includes unlocked Excel file to input maxes and calculate custom training weights.