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CAT 9 Squat Program - Waxman's Gym

CAT 9 Squat Program

$ 19.00

This 9 week squat program, based on compensatory acceleration training (CAT), will help you add big numbers to your back squat!

With CAT, you must descend slowly (2-3 sec.) and stand up as quickly as you can. Since force = mass x acceleration, increasing your acceleration will increase the force you can produce…which in turn will make you stronger, even while using sub-maximal weights.

  • CAT training maximizes peak force production at any given load, which leads to a stronger muscle.
  • Accelerating the bar in the concentric phase (i.e. while rising) develops higher levels of power compared with a more traditional slow approach.
  • CAT training maximizes fast-twitch motor unit recruitment which is a key component for explosiveness.

The program is written for 3 training days per week for 9 weeks. You may incorporate the program into your regular training (we recommend you limit any additional squatting) or by itself.  You will max out on the final day!

Individual program is delivered as a static PDF with base percentages. Group program includes unlocked Excel file to input maxes and calculate custom training weights.