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Online Programming Monthly - Individual

Online Programming Monthly - Individual - Waxman's Gym

(NOTE: This is a monthly recurring charge. You will be charged automatically each month until you cancel. You may cancel anytime.)

(NOTE 2: If you are planning to use this programming with a group, please choose this option.)

Now you can follow Waxman’s Gym’s programming no matter where you live. This is the very same programming we use in our gym. If you can’t train with us in person, you can follow along online.

Designed for athletes of all skill levels, you may choose from 3 program options:

Rookies: 2 days/week, ~1hr per session
Contenders: 3 days/week, ~1hr per session
Develops technique, strength and power using the Olympic lifts and other barbell lifts. Follows the same real-time daily programming offered at our gym in Los Angeles. If you can’t attend in person, you can still follow the programming!

Designed for 2 sessions (Rookies) or 3 sessions (Contenders) per week, ~1 hour/session. Programming is periodized in blocks lasting 4-8 weeks. Each block will culminate in a max test of one or more lifts. Over time, you will have the chance to repeat tests as a way to gauge progress.You can use this as your only training program, or to complement other types of training such as Crossfit, etc. 

Champions: 5-6 days/week, ~1.5-2hrs per session
Everyone wants to train like a champion but few know how. This programming, designed for maximal performance in the snatch and clean & jerk, will show you the way.

We program for 5-6 day/week of training with sessions lasting ~1.5-2 hours. Given the volume and intensity, we recommend you limit other training while following this program.

License Options:
Individual: Please use this option if you are following our training for your own programming only (e.g. not using it with a group).

Group: Please use this option if you are a independent gym owner, coach, trainer, or similar and use our programming for private classes or groups. You may even use the programming gym-wide. There is no limit to the number of people you can use this with at your gym, however you may not resell the programming online to the general public without attaching the "Waxman's Gym" name prominently to your offering. Note: This license does not allow for use by franchises. If this is needed, please contact us to discuss.

How it works:
1. Sign-up and make your payment here. 
2. Then request access to our private facebook group. All programming will be delivered via the group.
3. Every Sunday, we will post the coming week’s programming in the private FB group.
4. If you have questions or need support, you can reach us any time via the group or directly at info@waxmansgym.com
5. Each month, you will be automatically charged for ongoing membership in the program.

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