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NEW: Fix Your Vertical Explosion! program - Waxman's Gym

NEW: Fix Your Vertical Explosion! program

$ 19.00

If you’re not explosive enough in the Olympic lifts, you’re going to have a rough go of things.

Soft, slow, and gentle can be wonderful traits, but they’re not good ingredients for successful weightlifting.

Our Fix Your Vertical Explosion program is designed to help you develop more explosive extension in the snatch and clean & jerk. We do this by targeting the parts of your body that are most influential in generating strength, speed and power in your extension. We couple this with drills that allow you to practice the mechanics of exploding with different types of jumping.

The program features:

  • 8 weeks of training with 4-5 training days/week;
  • Heavy partial squats to overload your jumping muscles and improve strength and power;
  • Heavy hinge work (pulls, RDLs, etc) to target posterior strength and power;
  • Depth jumps to improve your eccentric strength ,stretch reflex and responsiveness of your nervous system;
  • Box jumps to improve your rate of force development;

After following this program, you should notice a considerable improvement in your ability to generate explosive extension. Or you can skip it...and remain soft, slow, and weak!

Individual program is delivered as a static PDF with base percentages. Group program (coming soon) includes unlocked Excel file to input maxes and calculate custom training weights.