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NEW: Operation: Leg Strength program - Waxman's Gym

NEW: Operation: Leg Strength program

$ 19.00

Weak legs holding you back in the Olympic lifts? This program is just for you.

The Olympic lifts alone will not significantly improve your leg strength. To get stronger, you must overload your legs with weights in excess of what you snatch and clean & jerk.

So why not just squat heavy every day? Because full squatting can be unnecessarily fatiguing. Also, squatting may have limited carry-over into the snatch and clean & jerk without incorporating proper skill practice.

Our program combines moderate intensity squatting and high-intensity partials + pulling + overhead movements. This will improve your leg strength without the fatigue normally associated with heavy, full squats. We also layer-in skill work for maximum carryover to the snatch and clean & jerk.

Accordingly, the program features:

  • 8 weeks of training with 4-5 training days/week
  • Various types of squats at moderate percentages
  • Various types of pulls at high percentages
  • Jerk drives and push presses to work on eccentric loading of your knees
  • Technique work from the blocks or hang to allow for continued skill practice without excessively fatiguing your back.

If you’re have difficulty standing up heavy cleans, if you don't have enough strength in reserve to make your jerks, or if you otherwise suffer from weak legs in your Olympic lifts, this is the program for you!

Individual program is delivered as a static PDF with base percentages. Group program (coming soon) includes unlocked Excel file to input maxes and calculate custom training weights.