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NEW: Fix Your Speed Under the Bar! program - Waxman's Gym

NEW: Fix Your Speed Under the Bar! program

$ 19.00

So you can pull the bar up to your eyeballs, but just can’t get under it? Is your power snatch/clean too close for comfort to your full snatch/clean? Or are all your lifts power lifts?

You likely need work on your change of direction and speed getting under the bar.

Our program is designed just for this.

It will help you get under the bar faster by improving the action of your arms, the retraction of your hips, and the speed at which you move your feet...all essential elements for changing direction faster and getting down under the bar. We also incorporate exercises that put you in positions where you simply have to move fast to be successful. By practicing moving fast, you will develop the ability to move even faster.

The program features:

  • 8 weeks of training with 4-5 training days/week;
  • Snatch/clean extensions and snatches/cleans without contact to teach and reinforce good arm action;
  • Snatches and cleans starting with feet together to improve foot speed;
  • Snatch balances to improve coordination of your arms and feet.
  • Lifts from high boxes to force you to respond and transition quickly

If you’re having trouble with your speed of transition and speed under the bar, hop on this program today and find out how good you can really be.

Individual program is delivered as a static PDF with base percentages. Group program (coming soon) includes unlocked Excel file to input maxes and calculate custom training weights.